Daisy Carter
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Daisy Carter who was born in United Kingdom on March 15, 1991 and passed away on July 09, 2006 at the age of 15. We will remember her forever.
Daisy is beautiful.
I don't just mean on the outside but on the inside aswell, she could always make me laugh whenever she wanted to.
She hated feet, but would always give mine a massage. 
I don't know why I am saying was because she still is, some where out there. What I am imagining is that she has acheived her life time ambition of becoming a pirate, that was something she always dreamed of. She had so many other ambitions aswell I remember at different points she wanted to be an architect, a brain surgeon, a fasion designer, a model, a singer, an actress was her current one . One of the last times I saw her she was asking me to join different acting schools with her.
Daisy IS such a creative person, she was amazing at art especially pencil drawing she would always get the toning just right, it looked so realistic.
She was the closest person I hav ever met to perfection. I mean she had her flaws, she was extremely lazy, but thats what perfection is being comfortable with yourself. Daisy wasn't shy with people she knew but was with others which meant that everyone she knew would love her so much and she will be greatly missed.
She has had to put up with so much through out her whole life, she would just get on with it though and she was so well. She has always been such a fighter and very stubborn which is why it is such a loss. She was such a good person so why was she taken instead of someone else but I like to think that God needed her because she is such an important person.
I am in such immense pain and i cannot describe it but when Daisy died a daughter, sister, neice, cousin, grand daughter, best friend, companion and future superstar died. Daisy was so promising and she would have made it, she would have been big.
We will all always remember Daisy because she was such a unique person, I know all of us love her and she will watch over us an eternal angel.
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I Love you xxxxxxx   / Rosie Nuttall (Bestest Cousin )
I love you daisy i just keep thinking about what we would be doin on your 20th Birthday and making memories that never were I'm thinking we would definatly be out on the piss tonight me you and izzy goin shopping and laughing and joking and seeing ho...  Continue >>
a moment   / Simon Kaye (distant cousin in law )
how hard to write about a girl I may have met briefly when she was a child; how easy to write about a dad's adoration of a daughter who clearly touched and affected many lives. pay it forward everybody while you/we can
DAIIISSS  / Gia (friend)
i miss you sweetpea i was listening to Daisy Dares You and i thought OH MY GODDD dais would actually love this. BET your loving it up somewhere :) its the year anniversary of dans death this week give him a cuddle from everyone at slbs we miss him...  Continue >>
Lately..  / Gia Cranwell (friend)
things have been a bit hard
and ive been thinking about you alot, and i keep the picture i have of us together from primary school in my purse. I hate thinking you arnt with us any more but i know your somewhere better.
Another one of my fr...  Continue >>
love u forever   / Emerald Miles (friend)
daisy was one of my closest friends,i miss her with all my heart.i cant exspress the words.it doesnt seem right to be in this world with one less person,who brought hope,trust,faith,love and fun to our eyes.i know that it isn't completly gone from ou...  Continue >>
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i miss you sooo much xxxxxx  / Bekky Allen (old school friend )    Read >>
love you xxxx  / Sophie Purdie (one of her b friends x )    Read >>
Bloody Nora - one of daisys favorite sayings  / Maya Butler (friend)    Read >>
i will miss youxxxxx  / Jack Newing (class mate )    Read >>
i miss you  / Oliver Ryan (class mate )    Read >>
An ode to this angel....  / Rosie Joanna Nuttall (Cousin/Bestest ever friend )    Read >>
Beauty / Karolina Leggett     Read >>
The Daisy I remember  / Adam Birch (School friend )    Read >>
Daisy / Rory Higgins (Cousin)    Read >>
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She could have been a model.
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