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I Love you xxxxxxx  / Rosie Nuttall (Bestest Cousin )  Read >>
I Love you xxxxxxx  / Rosie Nuttall (Bestest Cousin )
I love you daisy i just keep thinking about what we would be doin on your 20th Birthday and making memories that never were I'm thinking we would definatly be out on the piss tonight me you and izzy goin shopping and laughing and joking and seeing how long the hair on your toe had got if you were still growing it...although maybe you would be a bit old for that now....I love you so so much and I think of you all the time...I just wish you were here with all of us now making us laugh with your silly jokes and I'm sure we'd have a plan of action for sumthing going on. I love you and miss you more every day even though I know your still with us in a way cause you visit me in my dreams it still doesnt make the day time any easier. I love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Daisatron and Rosemeister 4eva xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Close
a moment  / Simon Kaye (distant cousin in law )  Read >>
a moment  / Simon Kaye (distant cousin in law )
how hard to write about a girl I may have met briefly when she was a child; how easy to write about a dad's adoration of a daughter who clearly touched and affected many lives. pay it forward everybody while you/we can Close
DAIIISSS / Gia (friend)  Read >>
DAIIISSS / Gia (friend)
i miss you sweetpea i was listening to Daisy Dares You and i thought OH MY GODDD dais would actually love this. BET your loving it up somewhere :) its the year anniversary of dans death this week give him a cuddle from everyone at slbs we miss him just as much as we miss you and danny hb take care babygirl - "take off take off DAISY BOUT TO TAKE OFF" :) love you xxxxxxxxx Close
Lately.. / Gia Cranwell (friend)  Read >>
Lately.. / Gia Cranwell (friend)
things have been a bit hard
and ive been thinking about you alot, and i keep the picture i have of us together from primary school in my purse. I hate thinking you arnt with us any more but i know your somewhere better.
Another one of my friends died more recently and i know he'll find you, ive talked to him about you and i know you'll look after him for me daisy
your missed terribly
but i do sometimes talk to you when im sad or really happy
love you xxxxxx Close
love u forever  / Emerald Miles (friend)  Read >>
love u forever  / Emerald Miles (friend)
daisy was one of my closest friends,
i miss her with all my heart.i cant exspress the words.

it doesnt seem right to be in this world with one less person,who brought hope,trust,faith,love and fun to our eyes.i know that it isn't completly gone from our hearts, the soul of daisy still remains.but it just seems so empty.everytime daisy is mentioned i feel tears spring in my eyes,but with a smile because i know wherever u r dais u will be safe with ur gran.i hope u r happy and always wear that beautiful smile of u
rs.I will always, always forever and a day, be with u daisy where ever u go,u are apart of all of our hearts.
i imagin that when the sun rais is shining down u are watching down on everyone u know and love.
u r a beautiful person on the inside and out,pure of heart and full of faith.
oi oi dais, i'll meet u on the pirate ship xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
love u forever and more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
the greatest pirate these oceans had ever seen  / Daniella Higgins (school mate )  Read >>
the greatest pirate these oceans had ever seen  / Daniella Higgins (school mate )
'Adam (the boy that sat next to her at the time) always draws those dragons and stuff like you, though you draw them sooooooo much better'
That was one of the last things she said to me on this physical earth. I was reminded of it when I found some old drawings of my classmates as furrsonas they had requested in class 8, and daisy carter was there, wanting to be drawn as a flamingo or such like as I remember. It looked nothing like a flamingo XD
And yes, those words may not have much significant meaning to some people, but to me this is now probably one of the greatest compliments I have ever recieved, especially as it came from the equivalent of an angel. And I'm sure that's what she is right now, looking over everyone she ever knew and making sure they are ok.

I myself am not going to launch into a huge speech of what she did in her life and how special she was, as that has already been done by her close friends and family ten times better than I could ever hope to acheive. But I will say this: Even though she was fairly quiet around me in the end of class 8/class 9, I will always keep her in my heart and if I ever have a tough situation to hand, I will always remember that she is watching over and caring for us all. Thank you so much Daisy. You will be missed.

And I will finish that furrsona for you. Close
i miss you sooo much xxxxxx  / Bekky Allen (old school friend )  Read >>
i miss you sooo much xxxxxx  / Bekky Allen (old school friend )
i regret soo much not staying in touch with you. you were such a beautiful and amazing friend who was constantly happy and  smiling. it is soo hard to forget about someone so beautiful as yourself. i know that life will never be the same without you for everyone. i look forward to meeting you in heaven where we can have a really long catchup!!! see you there!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Close
love you xxxx  / Sophie Purdie (one of her b friends x )  Read >>
love you xxxx  / Sophie Purdie (one of her b friends x )
The way she acted , the way she thought , the way she laughed , the way she fought , was a great insparation to myself.  I knew as soon as i met her she had something special! !! ! She was sooo kind , considerate , amazing , generous , funny , ambitious , all the positive words in the world describe her ....plus she was an amazing best friend ! ! ! i love her so much ...and i send all my love to her amazing family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love sophie xxxxxxxxxx...p.s... I will never lose or feget the brillant loving memories we had , i will always carry Daisy in my heart xxxxxxxxx Close
Bloody Nora - one of daisys favorite sayings  / Maya Butler (friend)  Read >>
Bloody Nora - one of daisys favorite sayings  / Maya Butler (friend)

It has been an honour to have known Daisy. She was a fantastic, caring and loving person, but more importantly a loyal friend. She will be missed dearly but her vibrant light will never stop glowing in my heart. 
  She always made me chuckle especially when she needed 'help' on her homework ,ie copying down the answers ( god i ,miss you girl)
   I feel so happy to have known Daisy for just a short time in my life than not at all. If i ever meet Johnny Depp I will be sure to say hi from her.
     Always in my thoughts
    I love youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

i will miss youxxxxx  / Jack Newing (class mate )  Read >>
i will miss youxxxxx  / Jack Newing (class mate )
life does not feel worth it without hope,faith,generousity,kindness,warmth and daisys beautiful smile miss you too muchxxxx
i miss you  / Oliver Ryan (class mate )  Read >>
i miss you  / Oliver Ryan (class mate )

I have only know daisy for 3 years but everyday she has made it happier and a better experience for me personally.She was always quite quiet around me and other members of the class but she had a funny side to her which made me smile and laugh.When i found out the news of daisys departure,i was really shocked and was lost for words.Over the past few weeks without daisy,my life has become different.On the monday when everyone came in to school,We sat quietly in a circle.For me that was one of the hardest experiences in my life!
At this present moment we are working on a memorial for daisy.It is a Pirate ship which is being converted into a play area for younger and older children to play and sit in it.For me,a ship is what daisy would of wanted.
School wont be the same without her and ill never forget her.

An ode to this angel....  / Rosie Joanna Nuttall (Cousin/Bestest ever friend )  Read >>
An ode to this angel....  / Rosie Joanna Nuttall (Cousin/Bestest ever friend )

Daisy was so much more than a cousin to me, she was one of my best friends aswell. I canot find the words to describe the pain I am feeling at her departure.
In primary school Daisy and I used to be good friends but not best friends, when I left for secondary school we grew apart a bit, yet in this past year we had grown so close, she was my best friend. I miss her so much, it seems as if a part of my soul has been taken.
Daisy was the most magical cousin you could ever ask for, you only had to step near her to feel the warmth of the love that flowed out of her. She was Golden. Her every idea would fill your head with a million beautifull images. Every summer Daisy, Izzy and I would start a project whether it be transforming a rotten old row boat into the best ship anyone has ever seen or making dresses then having someone judge which was the best, every one would remain half done because with Daisy and Izzy around they would always find something more interesting to do.

Daisy was the closest person to perfect I have ever met, (surprisingly)she had flaws, she hated house work, she would try to help Diz but it just wasn't one of her talents even among other flaws, I chose to call her perfect because she was herself and by just being that, by just being a kind corageous loving imaginative girl, she was perfect. Daisy is the reason I belive in perfection.

I am one of the luckiest people in the world because I got to know her through out her whole life. She is a such an extreme loss to this world. Our eternal angel will outshine every one in heaven with her stunning looks. Se has shown us what the meaning of family is and how when such a crisis occurs you know who truley cares about you, and for that we should thank her.

Forever and Always together we'll be, i'll always remember you'll watch over me.

Beauty / Karolina Leggett   Read >>
Beauty / Karolina Leggett
Daisy, I have known you since we were little! I have a lovely memory of us when we was little we went to your grandads house and the was this big hill of sand or hay stack, well it was big for us as we was little, it was great fun as we was mucking around. You will be greatly missed by everyone! You was the true meaning of Beauty!
See you there!
Lots of Love
Karolina xxxxxxxxx Close
The Daisy I remember  / Adam Birch (School friend )  Read >>
The Daisy I remember  / Adam Birch (School friend )
Dasiy was one of the funniest and prettiest of people I know. She always made jokes of things and would never seem miserable. She would always hate these funny noises a boy called Dennis made and was always totally freaked out by them. She had these cool kangeroo balls on a necklace . And she wore her huge policeman sunglasses when the sun was really shining. There was one thing that I always found cool and somewhat hard to manage was that she didnt hold any grudges or hate anyone. Nobody hated her either. She was very much loved by every member of the class, and in some ways I think made people jelous too. She could always have been a model and would have easily made it as an actress. Thats what I like about Daisy. She was funny and could always keep a straight face and would lie very well. MISS YOU LOADS DAISY. 
Daisy / Rory Higgins (Cousin)  Read >>
Daisy / Rory Higgins (Cousin)

Daisy was a fantastic person who was so strong,she always had a smile on her face.Me and her were always making each other laugh il will miss her soo much i carnt explain how much i hope she is a pirate now with her own boat.
x~Love u 4 eva~x

Dais <3  / Gia (georgia) Cranwell (old friend )  Read >>
Dais <3  / Gia (georgia) Cranwell (old friend )
ive know her since....year 4. 
she had gorgeous blonde hair.
i used to think she looked like a fairy.
she is so beautiful.
i wish i had stayed in better touch with her.
i have a book from when i left sheldwich.
and she wrote a couple of messages in it.
i found a photo of us in year five....rock climbing.
she is an amazing girl.
and even though unfortunately e didn't stay close.
i miss her.
love you daisy <3333
My stunning angel of a sisterxx  / Isabelle-rose Carter (sister)  Read >>
My stunning angel of a sisterxx  / Isabelle-rose Carter (sister)
Daisy was always seen witha smile on her face. Whenever you saw her she was looking like a million dollars. Infact the last arguement we had it was about clothes!!!!! All i can say is i love you Daisy even though i was stressy at timeslove you and night night xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Close
DaisyDoll Perfection  / Amy-Jayne Lambert (BestFreind/Cousin)  Read >>
DaisyDoll Perfection  / Amy-Jayne Lambert (BestFreind/Cousin)

You, were everything i ever wanted to be.
you really were the most perfect human being i had ever met.
i just cant imagine life without you now.
it doesnt seem real yet.

i love you babydoll
and that will never ever change, i miss you so much already.
i just keep thinking your gunna be there when i want to see you.

you truly are amzing. there is nothing more i can say!!!
i love you so much miss perfect.
you made an impact on so many people.
you were one of a kind.
noting compares to you Daisy Anne.
your a stunner. inside and out.

meet me on the other side

Daisy / Ben Nuttall (Cousin)  Read >>
Daisy / Ben Nuttall (Cousin)
Daisy was an amazing cousin and friend, i remeber whenshe used to get annoyed at little things and go about them for ages.
She was such a strong girl and how she was taken was the most tragic moment in anyone who knew daisys, life. 
But we havent to remeber her for the great parts in her life, like how brave she is and how she was such an amazing relative or friend. Because if you some daisy carter up in one word it would be
We will all miss Daisy but she will be in our hearts forever until we one day see her again.XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Daisy... / Alex Howell   Read >>
Daisy... / Alex Howell

I know I didn't know Daisy, but I wish i'd met her even just once. She was obviously am amazing girl, and I can tell this by the things people say about her, and how many people this happening, has made heartbroken. You will be sorely missed.

Rest In Piece Daisy, I know you're looking down smiling on all of your friends who love you so much.

God has got his angel back.